Club Ambassador Application - Spring 2021

Inter-Club Council Executive Board

The Inter-Club Council Executive Board is comprised of the Inter-Club Council President and eight (8) Club Ambassadors. Previously, the ICC Executive Board had an assistant who was responsible for taking minutes and fulfilling any tasks that were asked of them by the ICC President. The assistant position has been dissolved and the tasks have been reallocated to the eight (8) Club Ambassadors. Some of those tasks include, but are not limited to: taking minutes, managing the clubs office social media platforms, planning and presenting ICC trainings, taking attendance and any other tasks assigned by the ICC President.

As a Club Ambassador, you’ll help oversee 20-25 of the 150+ clubs on campus. Clubs are created by students, for students, and operated by students. The Inter-Club Council Executive Board assists clubs in programming, advertising, recruiting, fundraising, etc. This is accomplished through Inter-Club Council (ICC) meetings, providing club funding, organizing club rush and other office-sponsored events. Club Ambassadors should be prepared to spend time in the office in addition to attending events for their respective clubs, such as club meetings, club activities, etc., where they assist, train, and support clubs as needed.

As a member of the Inter-Club Council Executive Board, you report to the ICC President first and to the Clubs Coordinator second. All respective clubs report to their Club Ambassador first and to the ICC President second. The ICC President reports to the Clubs Coordinator.

As outlined in the ICC Constitution, Article II, Section IV, Subsection B3, potential applicants must meet the following criteria: Be a member of a registered and active club for at least one (1) semester prior to application.

Duties and responsibilities for each club ambassador include but are not limited to:

  • Serves under the ICC President
  • Participates in regular one-on-one meetings with ICC President
  • Logs and tracks involvement/program progress on Connect weekly
  • Helps oversee the ICC Exec Board budget and club budgets
  • Represents all clubs campus wide
  • Provides opportunities for recruiting club members and promoting clubs
  • Allocates club funding as a member of the ICC Funding Board and assists clubs with the application process
  • Supports and collaborates with other programs and represents their individual constituencies
  • Advises, trains, and assists clubs with campus wide policies and procedures
  • Assists clubs in publicizing events
  • Helps coordinate Club Rush and any other clubs office-sponsored events
  • Provides ideas for service projects and fundraising opportunities for clubs